Monday, September 10, 2007

Some brief FND-ish announcements...

Here are a few odd ideas we've been tossing around lately:

1. "Saturday Morning Hangover Club"... we've done this in the past on several occasions, meeting for breakfast the morning after FND. We could try it again next month if enough people are interested.

2. "Friday Night Drinks Slovene Lessons"... I'm sure you either love the idea or hate it, but either way send us your thoughts about how interested you are to learn some new vocabulary while hanging out in a pub. It could be a monthly event, mainly for fun, unless someone serious is willing to organize meetings weekly :-)

3. FND Marketplace... many of you likely have things in mind to buy or sell, so we are thinking of setting up a special section on the FND blog for short announcements. Just send your message to Gerry and he'll post it on the blog as well as on the Ljubljana Life message forum.

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