Monday, October 15, 2012

FND + Blow Up + The Beatles this Friday at Sputnik!

Friday Night Drinks will be taking place this coming Friday, October 19th at the wonderful Sputnik Café (located at Tržaška cesta 128, close to the LJ ring road). FND members will have free entrance... the evening will feature an opening (and closing) from the Blow Up band with a special performance from Help! - A Beatles Tribute! FND will be starting up at 9pm and the show will begin at around 9:30pm. If you missed your chance to see the popular Beatles Tribute concert this summer, this is a second (and free!) chance to your favorites oldies, FND style!

So be sure to mark the letters FND on your calendar, and help to spread the word by passing along this invitation to any friends who may be interested!

See you on Friday at Sputnik...

PS: If you have any trouble finding Sputnik, it's located just behind the petrol station (the last one before the ring road). From there you can drive around the block and park near the railroad tracks.

PPS: If they ask for any proof of FND membership at the door, just flash your FND VIP card, or be prepared to answer a challenging question (such as "what do the letters FND spell?", or "who is the head honcho of FND?", etc.:-)