Friday, August 10, 2007

FND Shirt Alert!

Dear FNDers,

It has come to our attention that there have been some "fake FNDers" making appearances around town during the summer holidays. A phony FND impostor can be identified as somebody wearing a fake FND T-shirt such as this one:

It may indeed closely resemble one of our official shirts (probably made in China) but if you look closely you will notice subtle differences which are dead giveaways (i.e. no website address, nonsensical gibberish below the letters FND, and an overall lack of a clue on the person wearing the shirt). Real FNDers look like more like the people wearing the shirts below and can be identified as much by their wild and crazy antics as by the particular clothing that they wear.

So if you happen to see an FND impostor, tie him up and drag him to our next meeting where we can teach him about proper FND etiquette, or at least steal the shirt so we can burn it! ;-)

See you all in again at our next event in September.... more details to follow on the website and blog.