Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friday Night Drinks at Opera Bar

Attention FNDers!

The next Friday Night Drinks will be taking place this coming Friday, February 3rd, at the Opera Bar, located on Cankarjeva cesta (kitty-corner from Ljubljana's Opera House). A handful of current FNDers may recall that the Opera Bar was one of our earliest and most popular FND hangouts, the place where the event first started to gain wider recognition among the expat community. And now after a rather long period of 'exile' wandering between venues in Ljubljana's small but lively center, we look forward to returning to Opera Bar for a look back to our "glory days"... this time with a hopefully larger crowd and a lively Rock 'n Roll performance by our friends in the Blow Up band! The fun will start at about 9:00pm - if you are new to FND look for us inside by the bar. Remember to mark the date on your calendar, and invite some friends or colleagues to join us... as usual the more FNDers the merrier!

See you on Friday at Opera Bar!


PS: We will also be experimenting with some different approaches to FND this year. We would like to encourage all of our members to help initiate and organize any events that they think may be of interest to others in the FND community. Any idea is open for consideration, whether purely for fun or educational in nature. One example would be the Cognitive Theater Workshop that one of our members, Carlos Pascual is currently organizing, and another is the ICS Photo Club, organized by Gerry & Erin Babnik, which consists of about a dozen or more FNDers. Other possible ideas might include events relating to food/cooking, language learning, or just a more frequent FND meetup in addition to our (usually) once-a-month events. We are eager to keep the momentum going with FND, so let's see what we can all do if we work together... if you happen to have any ideas, please send them to Gerry@fridaynightdrinks.com or write something on the wall of the FND Facebook group.