Monday, December 11, 2006

FND Report # 14, December 8th 2006

Last Friday's FND Christmas party at the Enoteca wine bar was truly a blast! A lively crowd of about 80 FNDers turned up for a jolly-good celebration. We had a good mix of the usual FND veterans as well as plenty of new faces from countries far and wide, including Australia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Slovenia, and the UK.

As usual, we've got great photos of the evening up on the FND Photo Blog. Unfortunately, Santa was a no-show this year, but we did have some nice goodies to give away nonetheless. Congrats to Dominick, Rick, Steve, and our other prize winner (sorry, can't remember her name). We hope you enjoyed the wine and the shirts.

We'd like to thank the Enoteka wine pub and Ljubljana Life Magazine for sponsoring the free wine and snacks. Thanks also to for sponsoring more free wine as well as the free polo shirts. And lets not forget Valerija for suggesting that we give away free FND bras next time! We really like the idea, only we can't figure out exactly how to place the FND letters, ho ho ho! :-D

Jim and I wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and we look forward to seeing you again in January 2007. We will be meeting tentatively on Jan 5th - further details will be available on the website and also in the email invitation. Remember to send us the email addresses of any of your friends who are interested so that we can include them on the list.

See you next month!

Monday, December 4, 2006

FND Christmas Party!

Yes, it's that time of year again. Tis the season to be jolly, FND-la-la, la-la-la....

The festive holiday lights are already turned on in Ljubljana's old town, and the FND Christmas party will be happening this Friday, December 8th at 8:30pm. We'll be meeting again at the Enoteca wine bar in Ljubljana, located at the corner of Nazorjeva and Slovenska cesta, next to the Hotel Slon. As with last month we've arranged that everyone will receive at least one glass of free wine, so be sure to ask Jim or Gerry for FND coupons when you arrive. There will also be a limited supply of prsut, cheese and other free munchies so be sure to come early while they last!

We'd like to thank the Enoteca wine pub and Ljubljana Life Magazine for sponsoring the free food and wine this month, and who knows... since Christmas is just around the corner, Santa may have some other treats in store as well ! So come and join us this Friday for a very merry FND-style Christmas celebration... and as usual, bring along a friend or two to join in the fun!

See you at the party!

PS: Here is an announcement from our friends at ICS. It sounds like fun, although with such an ambitious partying agenda it's hard to predict what kind of turnout to expect. But hey, it's certainly worth a try!

There's no question about it, we expats like a little pub action to go along with our conversation. So as part of the countdown to Christmas we've come up with 'The Twelve Bars of Christmas'. Starting December 4th , ICS is hosting this at different bars around Ljubljana for a few holiday drinks and good cheer to all. This is an open event. All that's necessary is to show up after work at the specific pubs for that day. Festivities begin at 5pm go to 7pm.

1. December 4- Cutty Sark, Knafljev prehod 5a
2. December 5- Joe Pena’s - Subiceva
3. December 6- Enoteka Wine Bar - Nazorjeva 12
4. December 7- Café & Gallery Breg 2
5. December 11- Patrick’s Irish Pub, Precna 6
6. December 12- Holidays Pub – Slovenska 36
7. December 13- Guinness Pub – Gospodska 3
8. December 14- Macek – Krojaska 5
9. December 18- Opera Bar - Subiceva
10. December 19- As Lounge- Copova 5a
11. December 20 – Salon – Trubarjeva 23
12. December 21 – Guiness Pub- Gospodska 3