Monday, December 17, 2007

Friday Night Drinks Report # 24

Thanks to all FNDers who turned up for our very first Pub Crawl last Friday. Our starting and ending venue for the evening, the Dvorni Bar, worked out perfectly and we enjoyed a great turnout as well. We did have a few challenges with overcrowding at the other pubs, but this has never been an excuse for determined FNDers in the past! As usual we have some great photos of the evening up on the FND photo blog, and we have also posted a must-see video of the evening's hilarious helium-filled finale!

Many thanks to our fantastic sponsors, including and Dvorni Bar (free t-shirts), Cutty Sark Pub (free pizza), the Pizzicato restaurant (grand prize dinner for two), and thanks also to Gerry and Jim, who chipped in for the free bottles of wine and free shots of borovnicevec. And let's not forget Donna of ICS fame who did the most to organize the event but in the end was unable to join us.

We look forward to seeing everyone again in January for some highly recommended post-holiday cheer. The venue for next month's event hasn't been selected yet, but stay tuned for further announcements via email and the official FND blog.

See you in January!

Monday, December 3, 2007

FND Pub Crawl on 14 December!

This month's Friday Night Drinks will take place Friday, December 14th at the newly renovated and expanded Dvorni Bar located at Dvorni trg 2 (close by the Slovene Philharmonic). We have planned a special Pub Crawl for this months event... we'll start the evening at the Dvorni Bar between 7:00 and 8.30pm and will join with other expats from the ICS gang (the International Club of Slovenia) for a crazy night on the town.

We'll be moving from the Dvorni Bar starting at 8:30 and stopping first at the Cutty Sark pub for some free pizza (while supplies last) and then heading over to the Guinness Pub for free shots of something blue, before finally heading back to the Dvorni Bar for the highlight of the evening, which includes helium balloons, silly drinking games and giveaway prizes (a free dinner for two, bottles of wine, and 30 Pub Crawl T-shirts!).

We'd like to thank Donna of ICS fame for helping to organize the event, as well as our sponsors:, Dvorni Bar, Cutty Sark Pub, and the Guinness Pub, who will be sponsoring the free t-shirts, drinks, pizza, and also the Pizzicato restaurant which will toss in a free dinner for our top prizewinner.

We look forward to seeing you all the first annual FND/ICS Pub Crawl - which is sure to be a thrill. Remember to mark the date on your calendar and pass the word along to any of your friends that might wish to join the fun.

See you on the 14th!