Thursday, September 6, 2007

FND at Macek Pub in Ljubljana

Get ready FNDers...

Tomorrow is our first Friday Night Drinks of the season, and we'll be meeting at the Macek pub located at Krojaska 5, right in the very heart of Ljubljana's riverside entertainment strip (the main entrance is on Cankarjevo nabrezje). We'll be meeting at 8pm so try to come early as Macek starts to get busy very quickly. We have reserved a corner of the pub to the left of the main entrance nearby the television, so look for us there. Some of you may be hoping to watch the opening match of the rugby world championship, which we will have on screen.

We'd like to thank our sponsors in advance, Mark from and Nedo from Pedersen Partners for providing free drinks and other prizes for tomorrow's event. We expect to have enough funds on hand to cover at least 70 free drinks, which should hopefully last for at least an hour, but keep in mind that as the crowd grows the drinks do tend to go pretty quickly ;-)

Jim and I both look forward to seeing all of you at Macek tomorrow... remember to come early and bring a friend or two if possible!

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