Monday, September 10, 2007

Friday Night Drinks Report # 21

Thanks to all who attended our first event of the season at Macek last Friday. The location worked out exceptionally well and there was just enough space to accommodate the 70+ FNDers who turned up during the evening. It was an exceptionally international gathering this time, with literally dozens of countries represented from Australia to Venezuela. Our mailing list is now more than 300 names and growing, so hopefully we'll continue to see such diverse gatherings in the future.

As usual we have some great photos of the evening up on the FND photo blog. Many thanks to Marjorie for lending us her handy-dandy camera, as well as to our wonderful sponsors Pedersen & Partners and Slovenia Relocations for providing the free drinks and FND t-shirts for the event. We hope you'll find their services to be useful at some point during your stay in Slovenia.

Jim and I look forward to seeing everyone again in October. Steve from Ernst & Young has promised to sponsor some food for us next month, so we are especially looking forward to the next event. Further details will be available on the website and the blog, and also in the email invitation as usual. Remember to send us contact info for any of your friends who would like to be on the mailing list.

See you next month!

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