Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Night Drinks Report # 42

FND Report # 42 ... our largest event ever!!

A very big thanks to all who turned up for last week's Friday Night Drinks at the Bachus Center in Ljubljana last Friday. We had a record-breaking turnout and a fine performance by the ICS Band! The venue worked out quite well and was just the right size for the evening, at least until the band stopped playing and the regular 'clubbers' came pouring in! Gerry has posted a Video of one of the evening's songs on Facebook for anyone who is interested to have a look.

We'd like to thank Dirk, Astrid, Donna and all the members of the band for putting on a great show for us, and we especially wish Dirk and Astrid all the best at their new locations.
Our new photographer, Ian Middleton, has posted some fantastic photos of the evening online (you can also find older FND photos on the FND Flicker site). Ian offers a new photography service in which people are portrayed in a more natural environment, rather than in the confines of a studio, and is available for all manner of portrait work and special events. See his website for more details.

We look forward to meeting everyone again next month. More details will be announced via email, the FND member website, and the blog. If you have any friends who would like to be informed about this and other future events, please pass the word along or send us their emails so we can add them to the mailing list.

Happy Halloween!

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