Tuesday, October 21, 2008

FND News & Events

The next Friday Night Drinks is still few weeks away, but there are some other events happening this week that may be of interest to FNDers:

1. The ICS Band, which is composed of a group of fellow FNDers, is performing live for the first time in Ljubljana. Here are the details:
VENUE: Sax House bar/restaurant, Trnovski Pristan 4a (in Trnovo along the Ljubljanica river; website: www.sax.si)
WHEN: 8:30pm, this Friday 24th October.
TYPE of MUSIC: mainly classic pop/rock songs of the sixties & seventies, and a few more...
RSVP: Please let the band know if you plan to come by emailing "ics0505expat@yahoo.com" or "dirkvangansberghe@yahoo.com".

2. The Guinness Laughter Lounge is starting up again this weekend, with a performance by the veteran comedian Carey Marx from the UK. We have two free tickets for this Saturday's performance, which we will give away randomly. To qualify, you must create (if you haven't already) or update your profile on the FND website by tomorrow. Just add some more data, upload a photo, connect with a friend, or post a comment on someone else's profile. That's all you need to do for a chance to win!

3. Last but not least, Queen Elizabeth II is visiting Slovenia. According to our inside sources, "she will visit Lipica, Ljubljana castle, attend a Duke of Edinburgh Award ceremony at the Philharmonic and will go on a walk about Ljubljana at 14:30 tomorrow." Rumor has it that she's a big fan of FND, so perhaps she'll join us in town for a drink as well! :D


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