Monday, November 13, 2006

Friday Night Drinks Report # 13, November 13 2006

Last Friday's St. Martin's day FND at the Enoteca wine bar was truly a blockbuster event. A terriffic crowd of more than 70 turned up for a fun-filled evening of fresh new wine and lively FND-style celebrating. We were excited to see many familiar FND veterans turn up as well as a fresh crop of cheerful first-timers, from all over Europe and beyond.

We'd like to thank the Enoteka wine pub and Ljubljana Life magazine for sponsoring the free wine and snacks, as well as Jim's company Softdata, who sponsored the additional bottles of premium wine as giveaway prizes. Congrats to Alexis, Tom & Claire, and Barbara for picking the right numbers and taking home a bottle. We're still waiting for our dinner invitations! ;-)

As usual, we've got great photos of the evening up on the FND Photo Blog, as well as on the ICS website. We have also started a separate Friday Night Drinks blog which will contain past FND reports and other info. It's just in the beginning stages so you might want to check back occasionally.

Jim and I look forward to seeing everyone again in December, most likely on the 8th. Further details will be available on the website and also in the email invitation. Remember to send us the email address of any of your friends who are interested so that we can include them on the list.

See you next month!

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