Monday, November 13, 2006

Friday Night Drinks Report # 12, October 9 2006

Last Friday at the Breg 2 Gallery saw a fantastic crowd of 50+ FNDers. The free wine was a nice touch, at least for those who arrived early, and as usual we saw plenty of new faces from countries far and wide. The location worked surprisingly well so we may end up returning there again in the near future. The 7 free T-shirts were also a big hit -- congrats to our winners Dominik, Michel, Donna, Rick, Maija, and Jules. And then here was the Belgian student who took the initiative to declare himself a winner... but we tracked him down later at the Guiness Pub and demanded free drinks!

We've got photos of the evening up on the FND Photo Blog, so if you weren't there on Friday, click on the link and check out the fun you missed! If anyone else has some good pics they would like to share, please send them to us via a link or email.

Special thanks again to Mark at for sponsoring the free shirts -- and also the Breg 2 Cafe & Gallery for the free wine. Jim and I look forward to seeing everyone again next month. More details about the date and location will be announced via email and also on the website Be sure to pass the word along to anyone else who might be interested.

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