Thursday, June 14, 2012

Friday Night Drinks at the Camino Bar

This month's Friday Night Drinks will be taking place at the Camino Bar, a new venue located right next door to the Stara Macka pub in the old town (along the bank on the Ljubljanica). We have reserved some outdoor and indoor tables and also arranged for free welcome drinks for FNDers, so be sure to mark your calendars, invite your friends and get ready for some serious FND fun to kick-start the summer!

See you on the 22nd at the Camino bar!

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Stephen McCarthy said...

Hi Gerry or Jim!

I would like to apologize first because I am sure this is not the place to post this comment but I found it funny, I was just in Ljubljana this past June 13-23 and I had wished I saw these posting then, maybe could have stopped in and said hello. Well I was there for pleasure, after a year of constant virtual communication with my girlfriend who is Slovenian, we finally met and it was just a sensational time and the country was so captivating to me. So captivating I am planning on moving there next year!
Do either of you have any suggestions as to where I might locate extended blogs, forums, or inside Expat sites for employment within Slovenia. I have covered so many but none really explain the economic side to working there other than the obvious language issues present and the current economy. I have an extensive Law Enforcement background and hold a Masters in US History (obviously of no use there) Bachelors in Criminal Justice and I am a certified English Language Teacher.
In any event I will be back in Ljubljana next year to stay or to visit again until arrangements can be solidified. Either way I look forward to looking you all up next visit!
Thank you and kind regards!

Stephen McCarthy, Rhode Island