Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friday Night Drinks Report # 51

Thanks to all who turned up for Friday Night Drinks at Sputnik last Friday. We enjoyed a very good turnout, despite the off-center location, and witnessed another excellent performance by the Blow-Up band. Everyone seemed to agree that Sputnik was the perfect venue for an event like FND, so we'll definitely be returning back again in the coming months. The place had an excellent dance floor, which really started rockin' after midnight!

If you missed last Friday's event, you can check out some of the photos online (unfortunately all were taken before the dance floor hopped into full swing).

We look forward to seeing everybody again next month (or possibly even for another event later this month).... more details will follow by email and also on the blog and facebook page. Be sure to pass the word along to any friends who might like to join the fun!


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