Monday, October 22, 2007

Friday Night Drinks Report # 22

Thanks to all who turned up at the Pizzicato on Friday, Sept. 12th. The location was excellent, although at times there was barely enough space inside to accommodate the swelling ranks of 70+ FNDers who turned up. We looked a bit like sardines at one point, though the food still managed to last for a couple hours (or maybe some couldn't even get to the food?). Fortunately, the action was underway outdoors as well, and many FNDers took the opportunity to head outside for a breather, or just as likely, a (cough) cigarette.

Once again it was a very international nite last Friday with guests from all around the world, many of whom joined us for the first time. As usual we have some great photos of the evening up on the FND photo blog. Many thanks to our wonderful sponsor Steve from Ernst & Young for providing the free food for the event. We hope some of you might find their services to be useful during your stay in Slovenia.

Jim and I look forward to seeing everyone again in November. Further details will be available in the email invitation as usual. Remember to send us the email address for any of your friends who would like to be on the mailing list.

See you next month!

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