Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Friday the 13th FND!

This month's Friday Night Drinks will be happening on Friday this week at 8:30pm. We will be meeting at a new restaurant called Trattoria, located in the old town at Gornji trg 33 (just a few doors away from the Spajza restaurant).

There will be some free food again (although not as much as last month) and free welcome drinks for everyone, for which we'd like to thank the restaurant and Ljubljana Life Magazine for co-sponsoring the event. And to top things off, Mark from Sloveniarelo.com will also be sponsoring some additional free drinks and will bring a few more free shirts to give away as well!

We all look forward to seeing you at the Trattoria on Friday. This will be a special 'Friday the 13th' FND, so don't forget to cross your fingers, avoid any black cats on the way to town, and wear your favorite good-luck charm. Even better, bring along a friend or two, superstitious or otherwise!


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