Tuesday, February 13, 2007

FND Report # 16, Feb 9, 2007

Last Friday was a rockin'-good time at the Premier Pub. We filled up the place quite well with a hefty turnout of 60+ FNDers. As usual, we've got some photos of the evening up on the official FND Photo Blog, so if you weren't there Friday, come and check out the fun you missed! Special thanks to Mark at Sloveniarelo.com for sponsoring the initial free rounds of drinks, as well as to the pub for passing around free shots of boronicevec.

For next month, we are planning a really big FND event that you won't want to miss. We have a generous new sponsor who will be ponying up for some serious food and drinks for everybody, so tell all your friends and mark the 16th of March on your calendar. And remember that at midnight, St. Patrick's day will officially begin, which presents even more reason to celebrate! The following night, on Saturday, March 17, Joan McIntyre will once again organize a fantastic St Patrick's day event starting at 8pm at the Emonska klet pub, and all FNDers are welcome. Anyone who attended last year's event will know that this is something not to be missed!

Further details will be available on the FND website in due time and also in our email invitation. Remember to send us contact info for any of your friends who would like to join the mailing list.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day and see you again next month!


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